Have you considered taking English Lessons on Skype? It just might be the solution for you!

More and more of my clients are having Skype English lessons. Why?

For starters, you save big on travel time. Having in-person lessons are great; but they often involve a lengthy commute to and from the venue for the lesson. And, since most students like to have lessons either before or after work, this means traveling during rush hour, which of course means heavier traffic, getting stuck in traffic jams, arriving late, the stress of looking for a parking place, etc. Having Skype English lessons changes all that: instead of wasting 30-45 minutes or more in traffic or on the metro, you simply log into your Skype account from the comfort of your home or office and have the lesson! No more arriving 5-10 minutes late because of a traffic jam!

Another benefit of having Skype English lessons is that it allows more time flexibility for lesson scheduling: because there is no before and after travel time to and from the lesson location, you can have a lesson on your lunch break. Or when you get home. Traveling on business used to mean canceling in-person lessons; but with Skype you can still have the lesson when away on business.

Okay, you say that’s all fine and good, save on commute time. But what about the audio-visual and connection quality? Don’t you have to be a geek to get Skype to work properly? While this may have been the case 10, or even 5 years ago–today’s Skype is easier than ever to install and set up.  Most computers and laptops come with webcams and microphones these days, so you don’t even have to buy them. With broadband speeds of 100-300Mbps being common these days,  the audio/video quality is surprisingly good. Most of my current Skype students were at first skeptical of having English lessons via Skype; but once they tried it they were surprised at how good the sound and video quality is!

English lessons via Skype are ideal for-

• Professionals too busy to meet the English teacher in person;
• People who live too far from the teacher to make in-person lessons practical;
• People who like to have lessons in the comfort of their own home or office instead of a noisy cafe or meeting room with interruptions, etc.
• People who want to have their lesson during their luch break;
• People who don’t want to deal with rush-hour traffic before or after work to arrive at the lesson location on time.
• People who travel on business frequently making in-person lessons impractical.

To make this offer more attractive I am now offering a FREE first lesson via Skype for 60 minutes. Why not give it a try?  Get in touch using the email contact form below-

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